How To Buy Car Insurance From Acko | Acko Car Insurance Full Details 2023

How To Buy Car Insurance From Acko | Acko Car Insurance Full Details 2023

What is coverage for a new vehicle?



‘Brand New Car Coverage’ enables you to cover the newly purchased vehicle before it has been licensed at an RTO. New automobiles are typically covered by the vehicle’s dealer’s insurance. This seems like a simple procedure because the automobile’s seller handles both the vehicle’s insurance and registration at the RTO. You don’t have to purchase insurance for your fresh vehicle from the car supplier. Car insurance purchased via the web is a better option

Browse the ACKO webpage or install the ACKO app to quickly and affordably cover your fresh vehicle. When purchasing new car coverage on the net, customers also get the choice of customizing the coverage with a wide range of extensions and selecting from several schemes, such as a Normal Comprehensive Coverage or a Zero Depreciation Normal Programme (Bumper to Bumper Coverage Plan).


How can you purchase new car coverage online?

Here is how to purchase new automobile coverage online through the ACKO portal. To start the next phase, go across to the vehicle insurance panel on this web page.

Step 1: Decide how you’ll use your vehicle.

Step 2: Provide your PIN code to verify service accessibility.

Step 3: Decide which RTO the car will be licensed with.

Step 4: Provide the vehicle’s information, your cell phone number, and the expected arrival time.

Step 5: Decide on the cost of your fresh automobile coverage, set a budget, and complete the payment via the web.

Step 6: Acquire your fresh automobile coverage plan.

Automobile coverage categories:

Automobile Insurance for Third Parties:

According to the legislation, this approach is essential in India. You are protected from third-party obligations by third-party car coverage policies. It covers losses to third parties’ possessions and damages to third parties, including fatalities.

Complete vehicle insurance:

The purchase of this insurance is not required by law. Nevertheless, because of its key benefits beyond the standard policy, it is advised to choose an Extensive Policy, particularly when shopping for vehicle insurance.

Why pick ACKO for automobile insurance?

Here are some reasons why ACKO ought to be your initial option for automobile insurance.

1. Lower premium insurance:

Online insurance provider ACKO. The methods are therefore swift, tech-based, electronic, and economical, leading to minimal costs for operations. This guarantees benefits that are transferred your way in the shape of affordable fees, especially when combined with a Zero Commission structure.

2. No-problem assurances:

Door-to-door claiming assistance from ACKO makes you more comfortable and less stressed. Make a toll-free phone to 1800 266 2256, and the injured vehicle will be scooped up, adjusted, and transported to your home. (Conditions apply; see terms and conditions).

3. Personalized programmes:

To secure the most insurance, protect the vehicle with specialized insurance. On the site or application, you can generate a price estimate for your preferred car policy and purchase it. You may additionally take advantage of tempting discounts on packages.

4. Gentle on the wallet:

Using us, you only shell out for protection once you protect your automobile. No charges or fees.

5. Boasts of no pressure:

You relax through claims, and they work hard. In a few towns, they provide complimentary pick-up and delivery services. For smaller disputes, you can use the rapid dispute resolution procedure.

6. Immediately anything:

From the granting of the policy through the resolution of the dispute, they work promptly. No trouble or documentation.

7. 24/7/365 assistance:

Emergencies can occur at any time, and Acko get you covered. Just a click or phone away, regardless the disaster is anything major like Cyclone Nivar or simple like a car mishap.

Advice for beginners:

Knowing the phrases utilized frequently on your automobile coverage contract could assist you clarify what is covered.

Third-party and full-coverage automobile insurance are the two categories available. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 mandates that all drivers carry third-party car coverage. Obligations to other parties are covered.

Select the Proper Add-Ons, such as zero depreciation, emergency assistance, motor safeguarding, damage of private items, and many others.

Evaluate vehicle insurance premiums instantly before making an online purchase. Evaluate all of the attributes that the business offers and pick an identical kind of protection from the items.

Following the purchase of the appropriate vehicle insurance policy and extensions, it is important to monitor renewal dates. This is crucial since prompt renewals enable you to receive a reduction in your auto insurance price.


Acko put a lot of effort into developing solutions that made promises like complimentary pick-up and delivery, through doors vehicle maintenance, and a one-year guarantee on all changed automobile components. They did since they intend to provide everyone with an excellent time from beginning to end.


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